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Raymond Rivera, Staff Writer

Swede’s Factory Direct Portable Buildings of Sanborn has plenty of portable, economical and dependable structures ideal for lawn mowers, gardening tools, snow blowers, snowmobiles or any item that you wish to make room for.

Over the years, Swede has built a reputation for portable buildings that satisfies his customers’ needs because these buildings are built to last, built to impress for a lifetime.
Bruce (Swede) Benson, the owner and founder of Swedes Factory Direct Buildings, got his start in the building business back in 1974-1981, working for Schult Homes of Redwood Falls.

His time clock number happened to be number one.

“The Farm crises hit the area pretty bad and times were tough and we were really struggling,” Swede said.

In 1982, for the Sanborn Centennial, his picnic table business took off when he was asked for some of his tables for this big event. From that time until today, word has traveled far that if you need a picnic table for a special event, contact Swedes.
Around 1984, using his skills, he built some grain bunkers.

As he continued building his projects year after year, they got bigger and bigger.
The largest he builds today is a 15X24 garage building.

He has gone from 40 picnic tables in 1982 to almost 400 tables today and he rents them out all over the area and beyond.

His tables were designed, and then bettered, from a Popular Mechanic magazine idea. They are made not to tip even if you sit only on one end of the bench.

Swede not only builds everything he sells, but he also delivers and sets up. Everything he makes by hand can all be lifted with a forklift designed with a base that is treated wood and can easily be moved from one of Swede’s trailers to any location, permanently.

Through the years, he has used every kind of material, from old telephone poles to make a beautiful creation to select cedar that he buys to make his 8X8 sheds.

One of his smaller structures is called the little darling. It is a cute, large storage shed with a loft and window. He also has a gigantic 12×26 Bunk House that looks like a giant dollhouse. It has such fine detail and is amazing to see with two lofts and ladders that go up to them with fine windows.

Guys are usually impressed with it, even though it was a lady that helped design it.
A lot of his buildings were made for a specific person, mostly ladies, but as passers by would see them, they would want one too and soon Swede was filling his lot with those as well.

Because of his policy of “No Surprises in the Cost” and “No Mess after the Sale” and since delivery is included, his customers come from near and far.

Many local area businesses rely on Swede whenever they need a structure.

Prairie Gardener is one of the many with a building made by Swede years back.

Building things with his hands brings him much joy, but giving him even more joy is his faith – and Swede loves to talk about it to anybody stopping by his lot in Sanborn.

When Swede is not off building something or involved in his church in Sanborn, he loves to be with his grand kids. He says they have changed his life for the better.

If you would like any further information about Swedes contact Swede by phone at 507-648-3760 or stop by his lot in Sanborn.

He also has a website at www.swedesbuildings.com. He would love to hear from you!

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